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Breast Implant Removal and Lift/Replacement

This has become a common procedure performed for implants that have leaked/cracked and caused a hard, painful or deformed breast. Very uncommonly this procedure may be performed for an infection around a breast implant resulting in the same symptoms. The term used for these symptoms is “capsular contracture”.
When implants have been removed the capsule around the implant may be totally or partially removed with it dependent on the risks of doing so.
The remaining breast tissue can then be reshaped to form a smaller lifted breast. Sometimes a new implant (usually smaller) may be necessary to replace the volume as not enough breast tissue remains to fashion a reasonably sized breast.
Many of my patients elect not to have an implant placed back.

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Fast Facts

What can I expect?


The revision surgery usually takes longer and is more costly than the original surgery.

Removal surgery

Removal surgery is NOT just about opening the original scar and removing the prosthesis.

Surgical decision

Mammogram findings of a ruptured implant are NOT diagnostic of a rupture. A clinical examination needs to be performed in conjunction with mammogram findings to make a surgical decision.


“Explantation” and “capsulectomy” are the terms used to remove the implant and the capsule.

Medical Scheme

Your medical scheme is not likely to cover the cost of any breast surgery related to implant complications.

Pre-Operation Instructions

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