Whether it is a reduction procedure or an augmentation, a change in breast shape can result in a beautifully improved body silhouette….

Breasts can be changed in size and form depending on your specific wishes and anatomy. An initial consultation of around 45 min allows me to assess and suggest a plan for the surgery.

Breasts sag for many reasons; post pregnancy deflation and ageing are common causes. A mastopexy will allow the envelope of the breast, the skin to better fit over the breast tissue. Many a time, the addition of an implant will create a firmer lifted breast with a more desirable form.

Breast augmentation is not a competition in volume and numbers. It is a subtle and complex decision-making process which provides a lasting, stable result with improvement in shape and proportion.

This has become a common procedure performed for implants that have leaked/cracked and caused a hard, painful or deformed breast. Very uncommonly this procedure may be performed for an infection around a breast implant resulting in the same symptoms.