A specialised field of plastic surgery, involving everything from achieving a more youthful appearance to addressing functional issues of the eyelids such as droop, hanging lower lids and growths of the eyelids…

As we age our eyelid skin on both upper and lower lids starts to crepe and sag. Often the weight of the lids causes the eyelids to droop and obstructs the field of vision. Common symptoms are heavy eyes, tiredness and a drawn out look. 

Eyelid malposition is a condition where the eyelids are not in their normal position, either due to a congenital defect or acquired as a result of injury or aging. The eyelids serve to protect the eyes from external factors, such as dust and other particles, and also help in spreading the tears over the surface of the eyes.

Drooping eye(s) can have causes that aren’t due to underlying disease. Examples include family history of ptosis or extreme fatigue.