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Breast Reduction

Breasts can be changed in size and form depending on your specific wishes and anatomy. An initial consultation of around 45 min allows me to assess and suggest a plan for the surgery. Outlining the incisions and showing you the resultant scars as well as the opportunity to review before and after photographs will give a better understanding of your particular surgery.

How To Know If Your Teen Is Ready For Breast Reduction Surgery?

Fast Facts

What can I expect?

procedure time

Estimated theatre time: 90 – 120 min.

Recovery time

Recovery time is +- 10 days with a follow-up 1 week after surgery, at 6 weeks.


A mammogram is advised before surgery. Day case surgery.


General anaesthesia.

Age for breast reduction?

There is no absolute cut-off age. The age range can vary from 14 onward.

Travel After Surgery

Ideally, I would like to see all patients a week after the surgery. Thereafter travel is permitted

Pre-Operation Instructions

Post-Operation Instructions

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