Pre-Operation Instructions

General Anaesthesia or Sedation and Local Anaesthesia

You play an important role in your health and recovery before you even have surgery. These are some of the complications to avoid and to assure your recovery post-surgery.

If you have any concerns, contact our office prior to your surgery so we can address these timeously.


We will get in touch with you a few days before your surgery to inform you of the following:

  1. Admission Time.
  2. Medication to stop before surgery.
  3. Nothing to eat or drink for 6 hours before. Only a sip of water if medication is to be taken on the day of surgery.
  4. Authorisation will be done by our office, but it is still your responsibility to check with your medical aid if there are any co-payments. Please note, a shortfall co-payment will be charged for your own account for all medical aid patients, except Discovery patients
  5. You will not be allowed to drive after your procedure, please arrange transportation.

It is advisable to stop smoking, as smoking interferes with the blood supply to the skin. Smoking increases the risk of infections, wound breakdown, and wound healing complications.

Avoid overexposure of your skin to the sun in the period before and after surgery.


Seven days leading up to surgery, PLEASE STOP the following non-prescription medication as these interfere with your body’s blood clotting process:

  • Herbal remedies: Vitamin E, Gingko Boloba, St John’s Wort, Omega 3 and Ginseng.
  • Blood thinning medication: Warfarin, Plavix, Xeralto, Disprin, Ecotrin
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory: Ibuprofen, Voltaren, Naproxen, Coxflam or medication containing Disprin.
  • If you use an asthma pump, please bring it to the hospital with you.

Important Tips About Skin Preparation

  • Shower the night or early morning before surgery.
  • No harsh scrubbing as this can cause break down in skin and increase the risk of infection.
  • Do not use creams, powders, or perfume on the day of surgery and for a week after surgery.

Hair Removal Before Surgery

The week before surgery you should not shave, wax, or remove hair with depilatory products around your surgical site.

Hair is only removed if it causes interference with the surgical site with a once-off razor or clipper and done by the Doctor on the day of your surgery.

On The Day of Surgery

Arrive early to fill in admission forms and allow your Anaesthetist to meet you.

Wear loose-fitting clothing that is easy for you to put on and take off. Leave valuables at home. Do not wear make-up, watches, and jewellery.