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Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is not a competition in volume and numbers. It is a subtle and complex decision-making process which provides a lasting, stable result with improvement in shape and proportion. The estimated theatre time is 60 minutes. Day case surgery. Recovery time is 7 days. 6 weeks to full exercises. Follow-up and Travel: between 5-10 days postoperatively. Most patients achieve their ideal breast size and shape. Although, a small percentage of patients may require a second procedure to achieve their desired results. The overall complication rate is low. The most common complications are capsular contracture, implant displacement, rippling/palpability, and infection. I believe that open communication is essential to achieving beautiful, natural results that meet your expectations.

Fast Facts

What can I expect?

procedure time

Estimated theatre time: 60 min.

Recovery time

Recovery time: 7 days. 6 weeks to full exercises. Travel and follow-up: 5-10 days postoperatively.

Are silicone implants safe?

Silicone implants are extensively researched, but no scientific evidence exists to prove that they solely cause symptoms. Textured implants have been linked to certain types of cancer, which can be discussed during your consultation.

Do I have to change my silicone implants?

Implants don't have a set lifespan and are evaluated based on regular screenings and symptoms. Capsular tears can occur due to implant fatigue, but newer technologies have reduced the incidence of silicone leakage. If unsure about your implants, consult a plastic surgeon. A possible rupture on a mammogram doesn't necessarily require immediate action.

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Post-Operation Instructions

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