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Structural Fat Grafting​

Using your own fat as a filler has advantages over traditional off-the-shelf fillers. Fat lasts much longer and allows for more skin rejuvenation as a result of cellular processes that enhance skin texture and quality.
​It is performed by aspirating fat through small incisions from the belly, thighs or love handles. This fat is then processed and filled into small syringes. Injections into the face are done through tiny needle puncture holes that heal themselves.
Typical areas injected include the forehead, tear troughs, cheeks and around the mouth.

Fast Facts

What can I expect?

procedure time

Procedure time varies, depending on the amount of fat taken and placed. Structural fat grafting generally takes between two and five hours, with smaller procedures on the low end.

Recovery time

The graft sites usually heal more quickly, within two to three weeks. It can take anywhere from three to six months for swelling to completely subside in the donor sites.


In-person or face-to-face interactions are best scheduled for 3 weeks.


A structural Fat Graft is done in theatre under sedation.

Pre-Operation Instructions

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