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Transform Your Look and Confidence with a Neck Lift

Neck lift

Isolated neck lift / contouring procedures are usually performed for fullness in the neck (fatty neck), neck bands, and poor skin texture resulting in wrinkles or to contour a better neck shape.
It is usually performed as part of a facelift procedure.
There is no standard neck lift procedure. It can vary from minimal incision liposuction with skin redraping (“gliding neck lift”) to a more extensive muscle contouring with incisions around the ear and under the chin. I will assess with you the skin quality and neck structures in a face-to-face consultation before giving you options that may fulfil your expectations.

Fast Facts

What can I expect?

procedure time

Neck lift procedure from 90-120 minutes

Recovery time

Recovery time is around 2 weeks, but one is able to drive and resume home activities after a day or two. Face-to-face interactions are best scheduled after 2-3 weeks.


Conscious sedation is the preferred anaesthesia.

Pre-Operation Instructions

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