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Liposuction/ Body Contouring

Liposuction or simply “lipo” is a surgical procedure used to contour parts of the body by removing fat and sculpting the area to attain a better form. It is not a weight loss treatment, nor is it designed to drop dress sizes. Though you should be as close to your ideal weight as possible, liposuction can be performed on any patient where a specific contour is needing improvement.

Fast Facts

What can I expect?

Common areas

Love handles
Lower tummy
Inner thighs and knees
Outer thighs (saddle bags)
Inner arms
Neck and under the jaw

Can Fat Regrow?

Once fat is removed, new cells cannot form again but poor habits can result in weight gain and loss of contour achieved by the existing fat cells swelling even further.


Recovery is slow, with swelling, bruising and soreness prevalent for a few days followed by a period of 6-9 months where the underlying tissue fully heals.

Procedure Time

Time depends on the number of areas to be treated.

Pre-Operation Instructions

Post-Operation Instructions

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