Achieve Sleek, Toned, and Youthful Arms

Banish Flabby Arms, Sagging Skin, and Insecurities


Brachioplasty or arm lift is a surgery in which the excess skin or soft tissue of the inner arm is removed to improve the contour of the arm so that wearing sleeveless garments and waving with an arm are less embarrassing. The term “bingo wings” is commonly used to describe arms with excess saggy skin and fat.

Brachioplasty surgery can be done with liposuction alone if the elasticity of the overlying skin is enough to allow skin contraction and improve the contour without cutting out skin.

Typically, removal of skin is done via a scar facing the back of the arm in a placement least visible from the back and front.

Fast Facts

What can I expect?

procedure time

The surgery takes about 90 min. It is a day surgery procedure

Recovery time

Tight-fitting sleeve garments are advised for your recovery. Normal sporting activities can be resumed in 4 weeks.


General anaesthesia is preferred for the surgery.

Pre-Operation Instructions

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