Rejuvenate Your Eyes and Reclaim Your Youthful Gaze

Say Goodbye to Sagging Skin, Puffiness, and Dark Circles


As we age our eyelid skin on both upper and lower lids starts to crepe and sag. Often the weight of the lids causes the eyelids to droop and obstructs the field of vision. Common symptoms are heavy eyes, tiredness and a drawn out look. Often the forehead muscles are used to lift the brow up and in so doing allow better vision because the excess skin is pulled upward.
A blepharoplasty procedure can address the excess skin and fat, and allow you to see better.

Typical upper eyelid ageing changes

Fast Facts

What can I expect?

procedure time

The surgery takes about 90 min. It is a day surgery procedure. Advise our staff if you are on any blood thinners.

Recovery time

Recovery time from blepharoplasty is about 2 weeks. Bruising disappears variably in each individual person and may last longer.


Blepharoplasty is performed under conscious sedation and local anaesthesia as a day-case procedure.

Medical Schemes

Medical schemes may cover some of the costs of blepharoplasty with appropriate motivation.

Do I need this?

A brow lift may be recommended if the position of the brow is too low and impacts on the eyelid sagging. A blepharoplasty can make a big difference to your life and not just aesthetically

Pre-Operation Instructions

Post-Operation Instructions

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